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Bears' Gameday Links

Wcg_thumb_link_medium Some gameday reading for your Bears' gameday. 

ESPN's Adam Schefter just threw a bucket of cold water on any Mike Shanahan-to-Chicago speculation. Schefter reported Sunday morning -- via his Twitter account -- that Shanahan won't be the next Chicago Bears coach because he has too much respect for Lovie Smith.

Brad Biggs talks about Bears' draft picks and their poor performances since the Super Bowl.  Here's a nugget:

The role Smith and his staff have in the draft process can't be minimized. It would be unfair and inaccurate to assign blame only to Angelo and the college scouts.

Hester is likely out. Bullocks & Steltz to start at safety.  Wow.  (How many checks out of running plays to pass plays will Favre make knowing that these two are back there?)

2010 schedule is nearly set.  Can we win 4 games?

Home: Philadelphia, Washington, New England, New York Jets, Seattle, Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota

Dallas, New York Giants, Buffalo, Miami, Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota, Atlanta or Carolina.