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Is 4 or 5 > 6? Favre, McNabb or Cutler?

Before this season, the Chicago Bears had been quarterback starved for many, many years. Even when Jim McMahon was in town, the Bears won with defense and running the ball. The media played to the Bears QB woes and always liked to speculate who the Bears would bring in to fix the quarterback curse that plagued the franchise.

With the Bears season over, the last two games a formality, let’s ponder what could have been. Knowing what we know now; What if the Bears actually got Donovan McNabb from the Eagles a couple of years ago? What if Favre came to Chicago and Cutler went to Minnesota? Would the Bears be better off either way?

When the Chicago Bears were fortunate enough to acquire Jay Cutler via trade, they had to out bid several other teams for the quarterback’s services. The Washington Redskins, Tampa Bay Bucaneers and Minnesota Vikings were all eager to get their hands on the franchise signal caller. The Vikings dropped out of the race after they had brought in future Hall of Famer Brett Favre. The Redskins and Bears were reported to be the last two teams in the Cutler lottery. We all know how it ended.

So, what if the Vikings traded the farm for Jay Cutler and the Bears brought in Good Ol’ Boy Favre? Would either team be any different? If the Bears did bring in Favre, I think we would be worse off than we are now. Cutler is Favre from 15 years ago. The cocky gunslinger that doesn’t listen to anyone and does whatever he wants to out on the field. Heck, that’s Favre from yesterday. Cutler is the younger Favre and thus gives this Bears team something to work around. The Bears have many holes to fill this off season; at least quarterback is not one of them.

If Favre was on the Bears this season, he would probably be in a hospital bed right now due to several hits given up by our Swiss cheese like offensive line. The Bears endless search for a quarterback would continue again this off season.

"I'd love to have [McNabb] as my quarterback in Chicago. Hopefully, he comes here and helps the Chicago Bears win the Super Bowl. If he comes to Chicago, we'll definitely win the Super Bowl. He's my friend and I would like him to play on my team. I'd love him to play for the Bears." Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris in 2007, speaking on bringing Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago’s own Donovan McNabb to play for the Bears. Philadelphia would have been crazy to give up McNabb, but the same thing was said about Denver and Cutler. McNabb has had his down moments in The City of Brotherly Love and could have been let go if not for his positive attitude and play on the field. So what if Harris got his wish? If the Bears did obtain McNabb before the ’07 season, would the Bears be in the playoffs today? Would we already have a Super Bowl ring from 2007 or 2008?

McNabb would have been nice for our Bears. His tough mentality and good nature would have worked well with the harsh criticism dished out by the Chicago media. McNabb’s used to that. His style of play would have also worked well with this Bears team. His ability to extend plays would have been key in dealing with incoming defenders. Our inexperienced wide receivers would have been less of a problem for an 11 year NFL veteran to handle, as apposed to a four year player such as Cutler.

We can only hope that Cutler took McNabb's words to heart after the two played each other earlier this year.

Reality is that the Bears have Cutler and his erratic play for the long haul. Through the upcoming years, the Bears could change the current coaching staff, defensive philosophy, General Manager and the grass at Soldier Field.

The one constant will be Jay Cutler, and I’m OK with that.