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Minnesota Vikings VS. Chicago Bears - 1st Half

Vikings_medium Bears_medium
Soldier Field
7:30 P.M. CST ESPN
Sirius Channel: 125 Opp: Daily Norseman


It is not my intent to be all doom and gloom over here, but with the say the Bears have been playing as of late, it is hard to see this thing going well for us. Prior to yesterday, I was thinking maybe we would get lucky and this Brett Favre/Brad Childress thing would bubble over and create a mess or that the Vikings might sit some starters, but with the Saints horrible loss to the Bucs, the Vikings are back in the race for the NFC and aren't likely to sit anybody. That said, for the Bears to win all they need to do is find a offensive line, run game, secondary, pass rush and stop turning the ball over. Not too much to ask, is it?