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Bears Score TD in OT, win 36-30

The entire announcing crew and ESPN and the majority of the sports coverage world can ball up all that Favre is legend stuff they were so eager to put out and shove it.  ESPN was so prepared to roll out their tongue wagging coverage to fall all over Favre, when the Bears won the best they could come with was Da Bears. Good job guys!

On this day, our gunslinger out slung theirs.  The Vikings made a game out of it, but today we rotated the spheroid better (yes that is now an official WCG term).  New Orleans, Philly, Arizona and whoever we just helped out, your welcome.

Let us review what I said the Bears would need to win this game.

offensive line.....check

run game....check (not great but did its job early when we needed it)

secondary....1/2  a check

pass rush....check+

stop turning the ball over.....check (only 1 TO)

The Bears pass rush came up huge, especially on the Vikings OT drive (hmmm....seems the legend should have been flagged for spiking the ball into the ground after that last sack..

Cutler had a huge night to help get close to .500 on his TD/INT ratio. He ended with 273 yards  and 4 TDs.  

Devin Aromashadu had 150 of those yards on 7 catches and the game-winning TD.

Greg Olsen, Desmond Clark and Earl Bennett caught the other TDs.

Hunter Hillenmeyer has had an up and down season.  He has been benched a few times, but other times including today he was a stud.  He racked up 15 tackles and the fumble that led to the Bears win.