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The Bears Den: 12/03/09


Where we are wondering why Shaffer is the only other OT on our roster.

Clayton: Bears did NOT reach out to Cowher.  But he would be interested.

The Bears official site talks about Jay Cutler's season so far.

RosenBlog: Keeps playing his role (and getting blasted in the comments).

Haugh: 5 Things the Bears must do this year to make playoffs next year.  Does not mention coaching.

Payton family dissolves relationship with Roundhouse.

Dez and Tommie banged up.

How the new concussion policy will affect Tillman.

Ron Turner reacts to Urlacher's comments.  Sort of.

Injury reports from December 2nd.

Forte: "If I couldn't make anyone miss, I probably wouldn't be in the NFL"

Helmet-tip to Brad Biggs for all of the activity yesterday.  He does a damn good job.