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Hall of Fame Fan's Choice

Richard Dent...the Hall of Fame is calling, or at least they should be.

I posted about this earlier this season, but Van Heusen is running a Fan's Choice Hall of Fame ballot.  When I first took a look at this, Richard Dent was at #7, but it seems he has slipped to #9.  Jump over to the site and vote for your favorites.

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Subject: Fans Voice their Choice for Hall Class of 2010

Fans and Board of Selectors don’t see eye-to-eye as they name their respective Top 25 candidates still in the running to become a part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2010 – most surprising, Selectors show no love for quarterbacks while the fans have 4 in their Top 25.

Earlier this afternoon, the Board of Selectors announced the official list of Top 25 picks for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2010 while the Fans selected their Top 25 as part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame endorsed Van Heusen Fan’s Choice campaign.  Since September, the Hall and Van Heusen have provided fans with a first-ever dedicated fan forum to voice their choice for who they believe should be inducted into the next Class. 
The first-round of votes are in and fans cite 11 candidates that did NOT make the Board of Selectors list.  Close to 225,000 votes have been cast at and those left off the Selectors list but still in the running for the Fan’s Choice Class include: quarterbacks Randall Cunningham, Jim Plunkett, Phil Simms and Joe Theismann, defensive back Steve Atwater, tight end Todd Christensen, defensive lineman Ed "Too Tall" Jones, wide receiver Sterling Sharpe,  head coach Tom Flores, game official Jim Tunney, and athletic trainer Otho Davis.
The fans and Selectors did however agree on 14 candidates including: Cliff Branch, Tim Brown, Cris Carter, Richard Dent, Kevin Greene, Ray Guy, Charles Haley, Lester Hayes, John Randle, Andre Reed, Jerry Rice, Shannon Sharpe, Emmitt Smith, and Steve Tasker. 

The 25 still in the running for the Fan’s Choice Class of 2010:
1.  Jerry Rice, WR – 20,599 votes
2.  Emmitt Smith, RB – 17,523 votes
3.  Ray Guy, P – 12,899 votes
4.  Tim Brown, WR – 11,868 votes
5.  Cris Carter, WR – 11,720 votes
6.  Shannon Sharpe, TE – 11,048 votes
7.  Otho Davis, Contrib. – Athletic Trainer – 8,360 votes
8.  Jim Plunkett, QB – 7,807 votes
9.  Richard Dent, DL – 6,387 votes
10. Lester Hayes, DB – 6,311 votes
11. Cliff Branch, WR – 6,246 votes
12. Tom Flores, Head Coach – 5,688 votes
13. Charles Haley, DL – 5,400 votes
14. Randall Cunningham, QB – 5,143 votes
15. QB Phil Simms, QB – 5,134 votes
16. Todd Christensen, TE – 5,040 votes
17. Steve Atwater, DB – 4,418 votes
18. Andre Reed, WR – 3,188 votes
19. Jim Tunney, Contrib. – 2,565 votes
20. Joe Theismann, QB – 2,530 votes
21. Ed "Too Tall" Jones, DL – 2,274 votes
22. Sterling Sharpe, WR – 2,168 votes
23. John Randle, DL – 2,097 votes
24. Steve Tasker, Special Teams – 1,857 votes
25. Kevin Greene, LB – 1,767 votes

The Fan’s Choice campaign mirrors the Hall’s selection process and will name the first-ever Fan’s Choice Class live on the NFL Network in Miami on February 6, 2010, just prior to the official announcement from the Board.  Fans are encouraged to visit daily to vote for their favorites before the next Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee reduction vote to 15 modern-era finalists that will take place in January.