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Chicago Bears and NFL Player Salaries

Wcg_thumb_link_medium The Bears have the 5th highest payroll in the NFL at $120,672,110.   Are the Bears getting proper value for the money spent?  Obviously not, but why?

Well for starters, Frank Omiyale made $6.3 million and Orlando Pace made $6 million respectively, good for 3rd and 6th place on the Bears. 

In fact, those salary figures are the 15th and 18th highest in the entire NFL for Offensive Linemen.  Wow. 

Helmet tip to celerysalt for posting this in the Den comments.

Other intersting nuggets from the salary database:

Devin Hester is the 15th highest salaried wide receiver.

Jay Cutler is the 5th highest salaried quarterback.

Urlacher and Briggs are 13th & 14th among linebackers.

Tommie Harris is 4th among all NFL defensive tackles.

Philip Rivers is the highest paid NFL player at $25.556 million; Jay Cutler is 11th in the NFL.   7 of the top 15 are quarterbacks.