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Small Victories for Bears Fans: Dominating Jared Allen

After the Bears defeated the Vikings on Monday Night Football this week, the first couple of thoughts for me was that a) our offense showed what it could do when the OL is decent, and b) that we knocked the Vikes down a peg in the 2009 playoff picture.  

During the 4th quarter of that game, a couple of buddies of mine who are Vikings fans were texting me about how the Bears were going to blow it, how Favre is still a deity, and how the Bears are who they thought we were.  But, when Cutler connected to Aromashodu for the game-winning TD, I thought it would be best if I didn't say anything to my Vikings buddies... that my silence would only make their misery worse.

And true enough, it was only a matter of minutes before the "Who cares, we are still in the playoffs and you aren't" text messages started hitting my inbox.  I turned off my phone, only to awake a few short hours later and find I had over a dozen messages reminding me who the NFC-N champs were again, etc.

And you know what?  That's all good and dandy.  The Vikings were the best team in our division, and they were stacked personnel-wise.  They deserved to win the North.  But, like smudgers pointed out a few days ago, I predicted back in November that the Vikes would lose 4 of their last 6 games, end up 11-5, and losing in the first round of the playoffs.

Hopefully, I will be right.  Because, as a Bears fan in 2009, there has been very little to feel good about... beating the Vikings on MNF was one of them, and seeing them get sent home in the first round again would be another.

I'll leave this rant with a video... the one where Jared Allen proclaims about Jay Cutler "Twice a year, I’m going to peel the back of his head off the turf.  I love the guy, but business is business."

Well buddy, in two games this year, you only registered two sacks against our QB.  And I wouldn't exactly call those two sacks impressive... it was after you had been dominated by Orlando Pace, only to get lucky and see him go down with an injury, and then got to face Kevin Shaffer.  And yes, I also thought about your proclamation while watching first year starter Chris Williams dominate your cocky, mulleted head on national tv on MNF.

Ah, well... like I said, small victories for beaten-up Bears fans.