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Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Rams Edition

The Chicago Bears are an ideal example of how a team will perform when it has no offensive line.  There is talent at the other positions on offense- enough to be able to do some damage- but it all starts in the trenches.

Also, there are plenty of folks who like to hate Jay Cutler.  From the media constantly showing replays that cast him in an unfortunate light, to random people who aren't even Bears or Broncos fans.  They like to root against the guy, because he doesn't fit the mold that they believe a QB should fit in.

- Opening kickoff return:  Did Rashied Davis show good hands by being able to regain control of the ball he bobbled, or was it bad hands for bobbling it in the first place?  I say the former... simply because there hasn't been many times we could say "Nice hands Rashied!"

- Matt Forte fumbled on the second play from scrimmage, but came back on the next drive and scored a TD.  Does the TD make up for the fumble?  Maybe in some circumstances, but not last night.

- Say what you will about Bob Babich, but to have all 3 starting LBs go down with an injury and have the backups fill in the way Jamar Williams and Nick Roach did, he must be doing something right.  Those guys looked damn good last night.  Honorable mention to Hunter Hillenmeyer: He looks like he tried.

- Devin Hester is a much better WR this year than in 2008, and hopefully he'll keep progressing at that same rate next year.  He seemed to play more aggressively last night, and showed great hands.

- Devin Aromashodu has got to step up when called on.  You can't follow a big play like the one to Hester with a friggin' easy drop.  Definitely needs more live reps.

- Johnny Knox also showed flashes of aggressiveness, especially when he drew the pass interference call against the Rams in the end zone in Q1.

- New turf: Forte falls.

- Kahlil Bell saw action early in the game.  Typically when the coaches want to spell Forte, we see the backup later in the game.  I guess because Bell broke that one run that one time, he's going to be considered a compliment to Forte now.

- Rams 3rd down/1 yard: Converted.  I told the guy next to me at the bar that the Bears have been terrible on getting off the field on 3rd down this year.  3 plays later: 3rd/ 4... QB sack!  That's how you do it.

- Not a good night for special teams.  Maynard's shanks, two penalties, allowing long returns...

- Everydamnthing is fantasy football related in the sports bars.  I went to a different spot than usual, but the same old same old.  FF makes everyone experts.  And I hate seeing people go from television to television rooting for different offensive players from each team.  Just like a couple weeks ago, when Forte scored, I heard some folks start cheering.  I thought they might be Bears fans.  Nope.

- I didn't have sound, but it really seemed like the Bears didn't have their shiat together at the end of the first half.  I mean, we had sixty something seconds to try and at least get in FG range... why didn't we try anything downfield?

- On my note sheet, I now have a tally section for each time an OLineman gets toasted.  Why?  Because some people seem to have different opinions of the OL than I do.  And this was just watching the game live... I'm sure I missed plenty of others: Kreutz: III, Shaffer: IIII, Omiyale: II, CWill: II, Garza: I

- Turner loves pulling Omiyale, and I see why.  The guy can move pretty well.

- The Bears defense looked great against a bad offense.

- Chris Williams will make a very good LT for us next year.