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The Bears Den: 12/09/09


...where Ron T is our offensive coordinator.

Days after Morrisey was hired at the Sun Times, Biggs moves to the Trib.

NFL Power Rankings for week 14.  We've gotta be climbing!

More "identity" talk from Potash.  New media catch-phrase.

Briggs ready to return to practice.  Need more of our LBs healthy.

Bob LeGere: Briggs should be traded.  No, Bob, he shouldn't be.

Urlacher talks about frustrations.  We're right there with you big guy.

3rd down defense provided a boost.  Lol.

Pompei: Key decisions for the team.  Nice article.

Forte and Staples donate 25k to park.  Probably bought them FieldTurf.

NFC North roundup from Seifert.  It's his version of the Den.

Body builder that is no joke.  Seriously.  Just click it.

Did you know? Charles Tillman is tied for 1st in the NFL in forced fumbles with 6.