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Another Former NFL Coach Weighs in on Cutler

This time, it's Brian Billick.  Billick was on the Waddle and Silvy Show today, sharing his thoughts on Bears QB Jay Cutler.  I have to wonder how many people who have opinions on Cutler actually watch the games, versus just the highlight (and lowlight) reels.

Some quotes from Coach Billick after the jump...

"I'm not here to make excuses for Jay Cutler; he has to play better. What I see in Jay Cutler is someone who is trying to force the ball and trying to make all the plays to make up for some of the things that are going on for the Bears."


"To just simply say Jay Cutler is not in the right system, that's not what I'm saying, and I don't think it will make a difference to just simply bring in a different set of coaches. But it's the system -- when I say that, I mean having the right players offensively, defensively, and the way it all comes together.''

"I mean, we're all doing the same thing," he said. "We really are. You're going to have to show me a system, a play-calling sequence, a play that once someone is successful with something within your system, we coaches look at, analyze it, tear it apart, rebuild it in our own way and take credit for it."

Billick was asked if Cutler's mechanical issues disturbed him.

"No, they are the same mechanical things he did last year when threw for over 4,500 yards and had a great season,'' Billick said. "He's a gifted QB, he's a smart QB. Obviously, there has to be a meshing of what you do with the talent that you have around you. Right now, he just doesn't seem comfortable. I don't think it necessarily has anything to do with the system. It's not a good system, it's not a bad system, it's just not a fluid system right now with the moving parts that it has.''

Asked if a new offensive system would fix the Bears' problem, Billick said no.

Let me just say this: If the Bears had a decent offensive line, none of this would be an issue.  The Bears have absolutely no running game, and it's hard to have success setting up the pass when defenses don't respect the run.

If the Bears did have an OL, they could 

a) Use the run to set up the pass (Cutler is a great play-action QB),

b) Give Cutler time to at least set his feet on a 3-step drop,

c) Allow for down-the-field routes to develop, thus utilizing Cutler's arm strength and Hester's/ Knox's speed,

and when "c" occurs, we'd see

d) Olsen have more mismatches underneath because either Hester or Knox would draw a double team, and

e) Forte have more opportunities on swing passes.

But, none of this is a possibility when the OL can't handle their business.  But hey, thanks Coach Billick for giving us your insight.