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Super Bowl XLIII Game Thread




The big one is finally here. After the game tonight, the football season is officially over and we swing into the down months.

WCG's take:

My gut tells me that I should pick the Steelers. They have the better defense and that usually is the difference. They have been the better team for the majority of the year.  Problem is I really don't like the Steelers and I enjoy the underdog story, so I'm picking the Cardinals. AZ needs to come out fast and hard. No huddle, 5 receivers formations and anything else to nullify the Pittsburgh pass rush and get them back on their heels. Prediction: Arizona 20-17

ChiFan13's take:

The Steelers are a storied franchise, the Cardinals are the NFL's version of the Cubs. The Steelers have the Terrible Towel, the Cardinals usually have Terrible Records. Should be an easy call, right? Nope. No one believed in the Cardinals. They weren't supposed to beat the Falcons. They weren't supposed to beat the Panthers. They weren't supposed to beat the Eagles. Larry Fitzgerald has already cemented his legendary status with some unbelievable catches in the playoffs and Kurt Warner has been playing out of his mind. As a current University of Northern Iowa student and a regular shopper at the HyVee where Kurt Warner once bagged groceries, I'm going with the Cardinals. Not only am I calling that, I'm guaranteeing a win by 7. Prediction: Cardinals 27, Steelers 20