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Cut Day Claims First Victims, QB Target Available?

Yesterday teams started making roster cuts. I am sure this is no longer a complete list, but here are some of the early names. Since the teams that did the most cutting were the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions, we probably would not be interested in any of these guys for anything more than depth.

Adam Jones, CB
Bruce Gradkowski, QB
Terry Cousin, CB
Jason Reda, K
Mike Dragosavich, P
Eric Young, OL
Ken Dorsey, QB
Antwan Peek, OLB
Dan Campbell, TE
Jon Dunn, OL
Edwin Mulitalo, G
Leigh Bodden, CB
Dwight Smith, DB

The interesting news from yesterday is that Tampa Bay signed QB Luke McCown to a two-year deal. The deal is worth $14 million with incentives. Many believe this means the Bucs will part ways with Brian Griese and Jeff Garcia. Unless Garcia is insistent on finding a starter's gig, he could be the off season target Angelo brings in for competition.