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Bears Personnel Updates

The Bears have moved their first mini-camp for veterans up two months to March.  

WCG:  I assume the idea is to make a statement to get serious or get out.

John St. Clair is expected to explore free agency.

WCG: Losing St. Clair could alter the Bears free agency and draft plans.  St. Clair is thought to have showed promise.  He has been talked about being used at left guard and right tackle as well as depth.

Brad Maynard set a franchise record with 40 punts inside the 20 last season. The Bears led the league in that category.

WCG: This is one of those good, but bad records.  This equals good return game plus crappy offense.

Nathan Vasher is not expected to be released. Vasher staying could affect the Bears decision on whether to move Charles Tillman to safety.

WCG: I don't were to go with this.  Vasher didn't play well last season and has been hurt a fair amount the last few years.  Graham is a capable fill in.  If the Bears did want to move Tillman to safety and release Vasher that leaves Graham and Trumaine McBride as the corners.  Regardless the Bears need to bring in somebody at this spot this off season.