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Chicago Bears Secondary: Who's Gonna Fill Brown's Shoes?


With the exit of Mike Brown, a large void is left in his Safety spot.  Rumors have speculated that Charles Tillman would move over to fill that role... but not so fast, according to this article. (pops)

So, you ask, what about Danieal Manning?  Looks like he will be staying at Nickle.  (clickety pops)

What do we do to fill the big shoes left by Mike Brown?  Do we draft a Safety?  Or do we need more experience at that position?  The list of free agent safeties is not very enticing.  (btw, link pops up too)

You have to think that Lovie has something up his sleeve, but I honestly don't think the answer at Free Safety is on our current roster.  Which leaves us, surprise surprise, with a huge question mark at another critical position.

Who's gonna fill Brown's shoes?