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Free Agency Shake Up - Jordan Gross, Julius Peppers and Albert Haynesworth


Wtih the Free Agency phase of the off season quickly approaching, teams are making their final prep on who they will and will not target.

Even if your team does not plan to be big players there are some names every team has to keep their eyes on. What happens to them could affect the plans of all teams one way or another.

Albert Haynesworth - Negotiations have fallen through with the Tennessee Titans and Haynesworth will test the free agent market.

Picking up Haynesworth will cost somebody a truck load:

A host of teams are expected to bid on Haynesworth, who is hoping to become the highest paid defensive player in NFL history. Haynesworth’s deal could turn out to average about $12 million per year with guaranteed money north of $30 million.

Jordan Gross - The Panthers have until this Thursday to use the franchise tag. The only question is on who. The Panthers are reportedly close to a deal that will pay Gross about 9 million a year and make him the secon highest paid linemen in the league, only behind Jake Long.

Julius Peppers - Peppers represents the man most interested in the Jordan Gross negotiations. If the deal falls through the Panthers have to decide who to tag. They'd be fools not to use it on Gross. He is more important and he actually wants to remain on the team. If that happens, Peppers is free to go to the highest bidder. If the deal does go through, the Panthers will tag Peppers and force a team to give up a 1st rounder for his rights.

I'd like to think that the Bears have their eyes on at least one high-priced free agent. I still doubt they make a move, but stranger things have happened.