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Tagged! - List of franchised players

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The Tennessee Titans are expected to add TE Bo Scaife to this list before the day is out, but here are the names that have been handed the franchise tag thus far.

LT Max Starks (Pittsburgh Steelers)
DE Julius Peppers (Carolina Panthers)
TE Bo Scaife (Tennessee Titans, non-exclusive franchise tag)
CB Dunta Robinson (Houston Texans)
FS Oshiomogho Atogwe (St. Louis Rams)
LB - Karlos Dansby (Arizona Cardinals; non-exclusive franchise tag)
LB - Terrell Suggs (Baltimore Ravens)
QB - Matt Cassel (New England Patriots; non-exclusive franchise tag)
RB - Brandon Jacobs (New York Giants; non-exclusive franchise tag)
P - Michael Koenen (Atlanta Falcons)
K - Shayne Graham (Cincinnati Bengals)
WR - Antonio Bryant (Tampa Bay Bucs)
RB - Darren Sproles (San Diego Chargers; non-exclusive franchise tag)

In other words, nobody that we have mentioned often as possible Bears targets.  I know that Atogwe's name had been batted around in the comment sections once or twice.