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The Bears Den - 2/20/09

The Bears Den is a new feature that we are hoping to run regularly.  Its purpose is to bring you all the links concerning the Bears you care to read.

I'd like this to be an everyday type of deal, but that depends greatly on what we can find. We could also use your help.  If you run across anything Bears related a story, a pic, a video, merchandise or whatever else random links send them to me, so I can add them to the list.  On with the show:

In the Den:

Vaugh McClure thinks he will be gone, but if the Bears somehow get USC QB Mark Sanchez at #18 it would be the steal of the draft.

Dan McNeil is begging the Bears orthropedic surgeons to help Jerry Angelo get out of the draft without players with questionable injury backgrounds.

The amount of teams that need offensive linemen versus the teams that need the numerous QBs could force the Bears to look elsewhere in the first round of the draft.

4 Questions with 4 possible Bears targets in the draft.  Here is a hint, their names are Beatty, Johnson, Loadholt and Oher.

In the vincinity of the Den:

As it turns out our current Miss America 2009, Katie Stam, is a die hard Bears fan:


Unfortunately, so is Ashton Kutcher and he plans to do something about it. Kutcher wants to a "Freaky Friday" type movie where a 12 year old middle school geek switches bodies with the Chicago Bears QB.   I have so many jokes about this one.  I'll go with this one:  He wants a real NFL QB to play that role? Better look somewhere other than Chicago.

Here is a link to a site called Run The Ball.  You can get a few tidbits and there are a few videos that may be of interest.  

See some Bears playing Rock Band.

Not in this Den:  

Want to know how you would score on the Wonderlic exam?  If you've got 2:30 find out with this Sample Wonderlic Test.

If you are also a Bulls fan, head over to Blogabull.  The Bulls were wheeling and dealing this week, and came out huge winners.  Did they really talk somebody into giving them a 1st round pick for Thabo?