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The 2008 Season Reviewed - Losses

GeauxBears and yours truly will be reviewing the 2008 Bears season. We’ll start out with the depressing losses (me), and then end on a high note with the wins (GB).

Before I start, I need to give some credit: I stole the formatting for this series from PB at Burnt Orange Nation, the SB Nation home for the Texas Longhorns. Thanks again, PB.

Loss #1: @ Carolina, 17-20

Lead up to game - We were all pretty pumped about our season-opening win against the Colts. We also knew Carolina would be tough, but Matt Forte looked oh-so-good. I was excited about going into Carolina and making a statement

Performance - Well, we started out well enough. Then Lance Briggs made a legitimate tackle on Jake Delhomme (who can't take a hit), and all the momentum swung over there. Greg Olsen had two key fumbles, Kyle Orton drastically overthrew receivers, and Hester left with a rib injury. Oh, and Ron Turner pulled out the fullback dive, which Jason McKie (of course) failed to run for a 1st. And the rest is history

Post-game feeling in 10 words: Disappointed and frustrated at the Bears lack of closing out.

Loss #2: Tampa Bay, 24-27 (OT)

Lead up to game - I was furious about the Carolina game, but I was looking forward to a motivated comeback against Tampa Bay.

Performance - Again, we started off well enough. We blew a 14 point lead at Carolina; at least this time it was only ten points. Up 24-14 in the 4th, TB came back and tied it up, and we fell apart in overtime. Rashied Davis dropped a 3rd down pass (surprise), Peanut had a costly unnecessary roughness penalty, and Nathan Vasher gave up a big pass to Antonio Bryant. Did I mention Griese threw for 407 yards against us? Yikes.

Post-game feeling in 10 words: Stupid penalties + not closing games = Forecasting the 2008 Bears season.

Loss #3: @ Atlanta, 20-22

Lead up to game - After a huge win against Philadelphia (in which we actually closed out a game) and a pushover against Detroit, things were finally shaping up. Matt Ryan was impressive, but I hoped our defense would pressure him and rattle him a little bit.

Performance - Ya know, I can't even put this one into words. I'll let ESPN do the talking: "In the last 8 minutes, there was a goal-line stand by the Falcons, an 85-yard kickoff return by Atlanta's Jerious Norwood, Elam's first missed field goal in 31 attempts, a gutty drive by the Bears that culminated with Kyle Orton's touchdown pass to Rashied Davis with 11 seconds remaining and, finally, Elam's winning kick after Ryan hooked up with Michael Jenkins on a 26-yard completion."

Post-game feeling in 10 words: Only the Chicago Bears could lose a game like this.

Loss #4: Tennessee, 14-21

Lead up to game - Well, we beat Minnesota, had a bye week, and beat Detroit. By this point, we were all inoculated as to what these Bears could do (or not do). Tennessee was undefeated at this point; a win here could have been huge into turning our season around.

Performance - Should have known. Sexy Rexy was at the helm, and he was who we thought he was. To be fair, this game wasn't his fault. Our run defense shut down Chris Johnson and LenDale "I eat for a living" White to 20 yards. Our pass defense? We gave up 289 yards to Kerry Collins, which was his season high.   

Post-game feeling in 10 words: Our secondary was terrible and Rex was our QB. Surprised?

Loss #5: @ Green Bay, 3-37

Lead up to game - We played well enough against Tennessee, and although it is a rivalry game, I at least thought we could beat Green Bay. Oh, how I was wrong

Performance - Uh, this one will be short. Aaron Rodgers threw for 227 yards with 2 TD's and an INT and Ryan Grant ran for 145 yards and a TD. Our run defense (which we desperately needed) didn't show up. It was just a terrible performance.

Post-game feeling in 10 words: I sent Lovie a letter. Does that tell you enough?

Loss #6: @ Minnesota, 14-34

Lead up to game - After getting beat down by the Packers, depression started to sink in. We crushed the Rams (surprise), and it was onto Minnesota.

Performance - Again, we started off well. We were up 7-0 and 11 inches from another TD when Matt Forte ran into the Williams boys. One 99-yard toss to Berrian and an extremely blown coverage later, all the momentum swung over to Minnesota's side. We were doomed from that point on. On the bright side, WCG members saw the classy side of Minnesota fans. Oops....I may have lied about the last part.

Post-game feeling in 10 words: What was Tillman thinking? What was Turner thinking? Hugely disappointing.

Loss #7: @ Houston, 24-31

Lead up to game - After the Minnesota debacle, we cranked out three wins in a row (two in OT) to keep us in the thick of the NFC North hunt. All we had to do is win and hope that Minnesota keeps doing what they do, and we had an NFC North championship.

Performance - This is going to sound strange, but we came out firing with a 10-0 lead. And then Andre Johnson decided he'd gain 148 yards against us. Forte didn't run well, our defense didn't really show up, and our season was over.

Post-game feeling in 10 words: Frustrated, but hopeful that Babich and Turner got pink slips.