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Free Agency Shakeathon - Moore, Carey, Evans, and Kitna



Lance Moore - The New Orleans Saints have tendered offers to two guys who were a little off the radar, but may have been potential pickups, at least based on their positions.  Lance Moore was tendered at the second highest level, so if somebody offered him a contract and the Saints did not want to match they would receive a second round draft choice.

Jahri Evans - The Saints also tendered G Jhari Evans.  He was tendered at the highest level, so he is off the boards.

Vernon Carey - Carey reupped with the Dolphins on a six-year 42 million dollar deal.

Jon Kitna - The Lions are likely to release Jon Kitna to save money on the cap.  With recent belief floating that the Bears would not or could not sign Simms or Leftwich, Kitna may be a potential target.