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NFL Combine Thread - OL, TE, K



Decided to throw this up due to the Andre Smith incident.  Smith is considered a top 10 pick and around the 2nd or 3rd-ranked offensive tackle.

Exactly what happened is shaky, but he decided not to lift yesterday; some think because he is out of shape.  Today he is a no-show at the combine.

(UPDATED: Amidst rumors his weight has ballooned up to 380, Smith stated earlier that it's not true. He said the highest he's been is 345. Regardless, a no-show at the combine is a huge red flag for scouts and teams--ChiFan13) 

(UPDATE #2: Adam Schefter of the NFL Network first reported and PFT is validating that Michael Crabtree has a stress fracture in his left foot, thus his no-run at the combine. He'll need surgery to insert a screw in his foot; he will also supposedly be out ten weeks. He was shorter than expected (6'1" 3/8), and now there are questions about his 40-time. Will he fall down draft boards?--ChiFan13)

(UPDATE #3: Adam Schefter spoke with Andre Smith a little while ago. He said that Smith fulfilled the interview process, then decided to fly back to Atlanta at 6 AM to work out twice with his new trainer. Smith just failed to communicate with his group leader and league scouts. Regardless, it's a little odd he decided to skip out of the combine. His pro day will be huge--ChiFan13)