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NFL Combine Thread - QB, RB, WR



Today the skill positions take the field.  The only one of these that the Bears would look to be interested in in the early rounds of the draft is wide receiver.

(UPDATE #1: Seems to be some confusion from Crabtree's camp. Two main rumors thus far: 1) Some members of his group want to get a second opinion; 2) Unverified (and probably bogus) rumors of maybe having Crabtree run at his pro day on 3/26 and then getting the surgery. Anyways, it's been a slow day at the combine thus far. Harvin and Heyward-Bey ran unofficial sub-4.4's. Back with more later.--ChiFan13)

(UPDATE #2: Sports Illustrated is verifying that Crabtree will run at his 3/26 pro day and then have surgery. Hopefully it works out for him and he doesn't re-aggravate it prior to then.--ChiFan13)

(UPDATE #3: Here's the unofficial 40 times for some of QB's after two tries: Pat White - 4.50; Stephen McGee - 4.58; Mike Reilly - 4.74; John Parker Wilson - 4.81; Matthew Stafford - 4.84; Mark Sanchez - 4.88; Curtis Painter - 4.92; Brian Hoyer - 4.97; Chase Holbrook - 5.08.--ChiFan13)

(UPDATE #4: Here's the unofficial 40 times for some of the WR's: Mike Wallace - 4.28; Mike Thomas - 4.31; Kenny McKinley - 4.33; TiQuan Underwood - 4.33; Ogletree - 4.37; Andrew Means - 4.44; Brian Robiskie - 4.49; Darius Passmore - 4.51; Jordan Norwood - 4.57; Mohamed Massaquoi - 4.57; Derrick Williams - 4.58; Greg Orton - 4.62; David Richmond - 4.62; Jaison Williams - 4.64; Nate Swift - 4.64.--ChiFan13)

(UPDATE #5: Here's the only RB broad jump I was able to see: Beanie Wells - 10'8".--ChiFan13)

(UPDATE #6: Couple quick thoughts during the QB drills. . .Mark Sanchez hasn't looked very good; has been drastically underthrowing receivers. . .Pat White and Mike Reilly looked excellent throughout the drills. . .Chase Holbrook struggled with short-term accuracy, but looked good otherwise.--ChiFan13)

(UPDATE #7: RB Rashad Jennings of Liberty just ran an unofficial 4.49.--ChiFan13)