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The Bears Den - 2/23/09

In the Den 

Bears CB Nathan Vasher is not bothered by all the talk about his possible release.

This article is a new low in journalism.  It actually creates a rumor and dispels in in the same article.  This one is about the Bears and Lawyer Milloy.

If the Bears had any hope of drafting Darrius Heyward-Bey in this draft it might be gone.  With a near 4.3 in the 40 he might have just sprinted his way out of our range.

The Bears aren't likely to find their answer at defensive end at the #18 spot.

At least one thinks the Bears could target the reciever spot with their 2nd round pick. Could Brian Robiskie be the target?

Interview with Coach Smith at the NFL Combine.

The Bears sent 40 reps to the combine.

Recently signed QB Brett Basanez's contract numbers.

In the Vicinity of the Den

This link is less about the Urlacher for Boldin rumor that went around and more of a wake up call for David Haugh.

I don't care that the market for it is bad, you DON'T sell a Bears 85 Super Bowl ball.

Former Bears draft pick and wrestling legend may be involved in death of his roommate.

I know the ecomony and gas prices are not very good, but yes please...


Outside the Den

Marvin Harrison wants out of Indy.  

In another great move by the Redskins West, Oakland releases another high priced free agent pickup.  They are parting ways with Javon Walker