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The Bears Den - 2/24/09

In The Den

For a team that has so many needs to fill, Jerry Angelo is putting a lot of pressure on Lovie Smith and the coaching staff to fix the problem without much help from him.

Here is one fella who thinks Eugene Wilson may be a potential target for the Bears. His reasons?  Of course, because he used to play for Ron Turner.

There is hope in the attempt to sign John St. Clair.  Unlike others, St. Clair doesn't seem to want to test the free agent market. At the same time he isn't going to accept any rickety contract the Bears may throw at him.  The contract he was offered is for 3 years. 

In The Vicinity Of The Den

Bears fan hit with a $27,000 bill to watch a Bears game.

I put this in the vicinity and not in the Den because it is one of the more absurd rumors I've seen made up yet.


Nowhere Near The Den

Best use of herb references for post title.

I had never heard the New England offense defined as the "ameoba" offense, but if you want to read about it, here you go.

Donovan McNabb is the new Brett Favre.  He is again causing problems with whether he will or won't do something or another that I no longer care about.