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Jerry and Lovie: Subterfuge in Halas Hall

Forktongue VS. Stoneface - This's personal!

subterfuge (n): a deceptive device or stratagem

The latest tale from Halas Hall is a bizarre one, to say the least. Angelo stated:

"I'm counting on the fact we're going to do a better job of coaching and that in itself is going to make us a better football team, irrelevant of what player personnel we infuse on our football team this year," Angelo told reporters in a press conference over the weekend.

I'm going to let David Haugh deliver my reply:

And it isn't fair to ask Smith to lift the Bears back into the playoffs without aggressive plans to pursue a wide receiver, an offensive tackle, a safety or a pass rusher to provide a boost.

I would understand Jerry's comments more if he hadn't gone on the early off-season tirade about getting a QB. But, the Bears are currently $30 million under the salary cap. Granted, the free agent pool this year isn't stellar, but that's not an excuse to not make some moves to make the team better (and no, Dan Buenning doesn't count as a FA 'splash'). And knowing some of the terrific draft classes Jerry's put together, we can't really count on that to deliver viable starting options in all of those holes.

Even before the season starts, Jerry's throwing Lovie under the bus. That's fine, Jerry. That's your prerogative.

But if we don't make the playoffs, don't be so sure that your job isn't in jeopardy too.