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The 2008 Season Reviewed - Wins

     As disappointing as the Chicago Bears 2008 season was, there were definitely some positive moments... and some moments that were down right amazing.

     ChiFan13 provided you with a review of the Bears losses of 2008, complete with a Helmet Tip to PB at Burnt Orange Nation for allowing us to use his format.  Well, let's see if we can get rid of that bad taste in our mouths, if only for as long as it takes you to read this article, and remember the Chicago Bears wins of 2008.

Win #1:  @ Indianapolis, 29-13


Lead up to the game:  Well, we meet again.  February 4, 2007 was not that long ago, and Bears fans had revenge on their minds.  Colts fans were undoubtedly giddy at the thought of opening up the season at their home field... but that would all change once the game got under way.

Follow me inside for more...

Performance:  To say the Bears were overachievers in this game would be a major understatement.  Our rookie running back, Matt Forte, broke a 50 yard touchdown run in the 1st quarter.  Adewale Ogunleye scored a safety in the 2nd quarter.  Lance Briggs, who had 8 tackles in the game, scored in the 3rd Period on a fumble recovery.  And Jason McKie scored on a 1 yard run in the 4th.  Brian Urlacher added 8 solo tackles of his own... and the defense got to Peyton Manning twice for sacks.  Our rookie running back ended with 123 yards rushing, and Kyle Orton didn't turn the ball over once.  Today was a good day to be a Chicago Bears fan.

Post game feeling in 10 words:  What the hell just happened?  No, really... what just happened?? 

Win #2: Philadelphia, 24-20


Leading up to the game:  Bears fans had just witnessed back-to-back weeks of letting a great lead get away from us... and we weren't happy.  And now we get the Eagles at home.  We needed to make something happen this game.

Performance:  The game seemed to go back and forth.  Chicago would score, then Philly would score.  As the time clock crept closer to the end of the game, fans were seriously wondering if the Bears had the killer instinct to put the game away.  Then it happened... the goal-line stance that showed what we had in our defense.  We stuffed Philly on the 1 yard line 4 straight times, in a smothering defensive effort.  Kyle Orton through 2 interceptions and 2 fumbles, but also had 3 TDs.  Forte contributed solidly on the ground and receiving, and the defense registered 3 sacks.  Kevin Payne and Urlacher combined for 17 tackles.  What a game.

Post game feeling in 10 words:  Defense finally made a stand... No More Screwing Around.  Period.

Win #3:  @ Detroit, 34-7


Leading up to the Game:  Riding the coattails of the awesome win against the Eagles, the Bears were in Detroit to face the winless Lions.  Big things were expected from the Bears.

Performance:  This game almost did not seem fair.  Orton picked the Lions defense apart, throwing for 334 yards and 2 TDs.  Forte did not have a lot of yards, but added 1 rushing TD and 1 receiving TD to his performance.  The defense made a bang, sacking the hapless Lions QBs (Orlovsky and Kitna) 4 times, and Charles Tillman returning an interception for a TD.  Briggs had another big game, with 8 tackles and 1 sack.  Detroit's only score would come in the 3rd Quarter, after falling behind 31-0. 

Post game feeling in 10 words (provided by Mike Brown when asked about being at the top of the NFC North):  "If we stay there, we get to the playoffs."  Amen.

Win #4:  vs. Minnesota, 48-41


Leading up to the game:  Atlanta the week before.  That is all I can write about that.

Performance:  Three Bears secondary members were out with injuries, yet Chicago managed to intercept Gus Frerotte 4 times, and the Chicago Bears scored more points than they had since 1986.  Orton looked like he was headed to the Pro Bowl, and Greg Olsen showed why he was the #1 pick for the Bears a couple seasons ago.  Just like the Bears have become known for over the last few seasons, the special teams unit provided 2 scores, and the defense scored once.  The Vikings Adrian Peterson had a field day against a beat-up defensive Bears unit, rushing for over 100 yards and a couple of scores.  It was a wild, wild game, and I was happy to see it come to an end.

Post game feeling after the game:  Tied with Green Bay, Bye week, then Detroit... sounds great.

Win #5:  Detroit, 27-23.


Leading up to the game:  Hopefully, we were rested and healthier than we had been.  Bye weeks are great when a team is banged up.

Performance:  Uh-oh.  Enter the Dragon.  Kyle Orton left the game with what the team was saying was a high ankle sprain right before half time, and Rex Grossman was about to have his last shot at remaining a Chicago Bear.  His performance was less than stellar, drawing boos from the crowd despite throwing 1 TD and running for another.  To say we won this game doesn't sound like a big deal... but we were 5 minutes away from losing to what would eventually be the Winless Lions of 2008.

Post game feeling in 10 words:  Orton out a month?  Can (the) Cannon lead us to victory?

Win #6:  @ St. Louis, 27-3.


Leading up to the game:  Hammered... I mean HAMMERED by the Pack the week before. 

Performance:  It was against the Rams, so we nailed them like we should have.  After losing to the Titans and Packers, entering St. Louis and beating up on the Rams just didn't have any real merit to it.  Regardless, Forte had a career day, rushing for 139 yards and 2 TDs, and the Chicago defense picked off Trent Green 4 times, and added 5 sacks to the stat tracker.  We won.  Yay.

Post game feeling in 10 words:  Can we just play the Lions and Rams every game?

Win #7:  vs. Jacksonville, 23-10


Leading up to the game:  After getting embarrased, again, by Adrian Peterson the week before, I was still wishing we could just play the Lions again.  Or the Rams.

Performance:  Surprisingly, the Bears showed up for this game.  With the playoffs (playoffs?!) looming in the not so far distance, we needed to make this happen... and we did.  Danieal Manning set the tone early in the game with an intercepion, and Kyle Orton threw 2 TDs in the first half, as the Bears roll on to an impressive victory.  3 Chicago defensive players registered 8 tackles, and Robbie Gould was 3/3 on FGs.  Orton looked decent, having a TD to INT ratio of 2:1.  Overall, good game.

Post game feeling in 10 words:  Playoffs possible?  We'll see, but Brees and Co are coming...

Win #8:  vs. New Orleans, 27-24 (OT)


Leading up to the game:  Well, this is where we can make something happen.  We have to win to have a shot at the playoffs.

Performance:  Wow.  What a game.  Robbie Gould was gold again, hitting a crucial FG at both the end of regulation and in OT to give the Bears a little more light at the end of their tunnel.  Wait, I can't go straight to the end of the game.  The game started with fireworks too, with Danieal Manning running the opening kick-off back 83 yards for a TD.  This was a gutsy performance by both teams, each fighting for their playoff lives.  Statistically, the Saints beat us in every category, and we turned the ball over 3 times to boot.  After watching the Saints creep back from a 21-7 deficit to go ahead 24-21 with 3 miutes left in the game, I said screw it.  We don't deserve this.  Another blown lead???  But, Mr. Orton, who had quite the unremarkable game statistically, lead us down the field on the last posession of regulation.  Now, you can start reading this paragraph over again.

Post game feeling in 10 words:  Are you kidding me??  Is this really going to happen??

Win #9:  Green Bay, 20-17 (OT) (MNF)


Leading up to the game:  Must win.  Last home game of the season.  Monday Night Football.  Green Bay Packers.  It's go time!!

Performance:  I KNEW we would block that kick.  I told my girlfriend that we would block the kick, and walked downstairs to grab another beer.  I didn't see the snap, didn't see Alex Brown get his hand on the football, but I didn't need to... I knew.  Then I heard her shouting, and I nonchalantly walked back upstairs for OT.  The weather was frigid... the wind chill was -13 degrees.  But, the fellers showed up that game.  Orton was shaky, but hung in there; Forte was a hoss; and the defense held Green Bay to a field goal in the 2nd half.  All was good in the world.

Post game feeling in 10 words:  Must win at Houston, Vikes must lose to Giants.  Oops.....