Cat Scratch Reader's View on Signing Omiyale

Jaxon here with Cat Scratch Reader. I was hoping the Panthers could bring him back, he seemed to be a good back-up with some upside. I'm not sure if he'll win your RT spot, but he could be a good one. I believe he only has the one career start, last season in the Panthers 34-0 win over the Chiefs. He didn't give up a sack nor did the announcers have to point out any screw-up son his part, such as FS or holding. He didn't exactly have a marquee match-up against Chiefs DE Hali, but he was filling in for PB LT Jordan Gross, so he was under the microscope. Here's what I had to say about him in my post-game summary:

Back-up LT Frank Omiyale performed well in the stead of the injured Jordan Gross. The Panthers may have something here.



Okay, it's not much but again he has potential. He has good measurables and has been around the league enough to learn the ins and outs. Did the Bears over pay? I guess that depends on the guaranteed money and whether its back-loaded. I think you will know quickly (by the end of this TC) whether this guy has starting potential. He never had a real chance to win a job in Carolina with Gross and Jeff Otah firmly entrenched.

I do wish him luck. 

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