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Meet Your New WCG Crew!

As you know, I've been looking to bring in some help with Front Page posting as well as some other areas.  An ad I recently placed on Bleed Cubbie Blue turned up a whole crop of people who were interested (thanks to the fine folks over at BCB for giving WCG some space).  After a few weeks of correspondence, I am happy to introduce you to the team that will be bringing your Bears fix.  While all will be posting in various areas, each has some specific areas I've asked them to help out on.

ChiFan13 - You know him, you love him (ok maybe loathe is a better word), but I am happy to make an annoucement that will please everybody.  I have bumped him up to a full time editor.  You no longer have to deal with my inability to master the English language!  My posts still go up, but he can make the needed changes when I can't use loose and lose properly.  ChiFan will also continue to focus on the draft, Bears history and getting into continuous arguments with many of you.

thebutlerway - You may remember him as purpleliner.  I asked for a name change, since it reminded me of the Vikings and I could not stand for that.  You will see his name a lot come beginning of the season, as he has a background in Fantasy Football and I'm looking to take advantage of that.  He also has been talking with me about various avenues to grow the site and its Internet presence, so I am personally looking forward to that.

Mordecai - Mordecai has interest in the financial side of things.  He is interested in stadium debt, contract negotiations, salary cap and the impact of first round draft choices.  This is a side we have never had and I look forward to reading it.  He will also be working on some Bears history pieces.

BearsFan1 -  BearsFan will be doing a lot on our personnel.  He is going to look at options the Bears can explore in free agency and trades in more depth than we have before.  Look for topics like 'Free Agents we want to stay away from.'

Going forward, this new squad provides you with all the Bears news and opinions you care to read.  The new authors are working under a trial period, so let me know what you think of them, good or bad.  Any input can only help make WCG a better place for all Bears fans.

Please give them all a warm welcome.