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Bears Sign Brett Basanez

The Chicago Bears got a jump on their off season by signing Brett Basanez.  Basanez is a 4th year pro who has spent most of his time either on the Carolina Panthers practice squad or on injured reserve.

The 2005 Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year at Northwestern, Basanez broke 32 school records, including career passing yards, total offense, completions and passing touchdowns.

Basanez came up four rushing yards shy of becoming the first quarterback in NCAA Division I-A history to finish his career with 10,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards. 

Just trying to think through this logically (as hard as that is with the Bears), I'd have to assume it is competition for Caleb Hanie for the thrid string spot.  There is no way this is the competition for Orton.  The Bears will still bring on another QB down the road.

So we sign Basanez, he loses the battle to Hanie, then put him on our practice squad.  Alright, makes a ton of sense.

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