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Mock Draft Counter v2.0

We take a second look at what the mock drafts have the Bears doing at the #18 spot. (sidenote: The sidebar will be updated later today.)

A total of 57 drafts were used for the list.  The top 3 spots look the same, with Jeremy Maclin easily getting the most mocks and Harvin and Heyward-Bey switching spots by the slightest margin.  However, this time around brought a lot of changes, with a lot of new names showing up.

Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri
Percy Harvin WR Florida
Darrius Heyward-Bey WR Maryland
Mark Sanchez QB USC
Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech
Larry English DE Northern Illinois
Tyson Jackson DE LSU
Aaron Maybin DE Penn State
Brian Cushing OLB USC
Peria Jerry DT Ole Miss
Vontae Davis CB Illinois
Ray Maualuga ILB USC
James Laurinatis ILB Ohio State
Josh Freeman QB Kansas State
Alex Mack C California
Kenny Britt WR Rutgers

Which one of these guys would you most like to see them take?