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Could Pitt Take Ron Turner Off Our Hands?

Get ready for this long shot here, but could Dave Wannstedt be the Chicago Bears' unsuspecting savior?

Wannstedt is the head coach of the University of Pittsburgh.  His offensive coordinator was Matt Cavanaugh.  Cavanaugh is expected to be named the quarterbacks coach for the NY Jets.  A list of names has surfaced as potential replacements and there is one name you would not expect to be on it: Bears OC Ron Turner.

One name that has surfaced is Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner, who preceded Cavanaugh as Wannstedt's offensive coordinator with the Bears from 1993-96. Turner, like Harris, played at Pacific and was head coach at Illinois from 1997-2004 before returning to the Bears in '05.

Turner is the brother of San Diego Chargers coach Norv Turner, who coached alongside Wannstedt with the Dallas Cowboys. Turner is also the uncle of Pitt graduate assistant Scott Turner, who is Norv's son.

This certainly only counts as rumor and speculation at this point, but Turner has to be feeling the wind blowing in his direction as the Bears OC.  If he was offered the job, maybe he'd consider it his escape hatch.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but "Bring it home, Wanny!"

Helmet Tip: Devin47