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Ted Phillips you?

I realize this isn't an incredibly flashy story, but it's Sunday and I wanted to take a break from paper writing.

Ted Phillips backs Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith:

Phillips pointed out the Bears have won 40 games over the last four years. Only five teams — the Patriots, Colts, Chargers, Steelers and Giants — have won more.

Only one of the teams, the Giants, plays in the Bears' conference. The Dallas Cowboys also have won 40 games.

"I'm a big believer in continuity," he said. "When you have that, you have people who are on the same page philosophically. They understand the kind of players needed to be successful."

Continuity is my new catch phrase for the Chicago Bears. Continuity means that we will continue to underperform defensively and offensively. Continuity also means the fullback dive, lack of wide receivers, and Lovie's lack of emotions will exist when the Bears take the field in 2009. Oh, and continuity also means we will continue to draft poorly.

Continuity is great when an organization is performing at a high level. The problem with the Bears is the Super Bowl run in 2006 is starting to bite us in the keister; everyone from Phillips to Ruben Brown remind us that we made it a few years ago. I haven't heard Jim Hendry going around saying the Cubs are only 101 years removed from the World Series. Mainly because the past, in terms of coaches and management, is largely irrelevant. It's a "what have you done for me lately" crowd they have to deal with, and the fact remains that Lovie hasn't done much since the SB.

Ron Rivera, where art thou?