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Reviewing the NFL Draft - 10 Years Ago



     The 1999 NFL draft doesn't seem that long ago.  13 of the 1st round picks went to the Pro Bowl.  The first 5 picks were QB/QB/QB/RB/RB.  And the Chicago Bears had a big "swing and a miss" with a QB pick of our own (surprise).

     With the 10th anniversary of this draft coming up next month, let's take a look back at the memorable 1999 draft picks.

With the first pick, the Cleveland Browns select...

Tim Couch, QB, Kentucky



 Follow me inside for more... 

Result:  Tim Couch has the honor of being on a lot of peoples' lists for biggest draft busts.  He only played in 1 full season, and had a TD/INT ratio of 64/67.


With the second pick in the NFL draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select...

Donovan McNabb, QB, Syracuse


Result:  Multiple Pro Bowl appearances, and Super Bowl XXXIV


With the 3rd pick in the NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bungles select...

Akili Smith, QB, Oregon


Result:  Also listed on many "Biggest Draft Busts" lists.


With the 4th pick, the Indianapolis Colts select...

Edgerrin James, RB, Miami (FL)


Result:  Multiple Pro Bowls, and Offensive ROY


With the 5th pick, the New Orleans Saints select:

Ricky Williams, RB, Texas


Result:  Well, he DID make the Pro Bowl.


Remainder of the 1st round:

6th pick- St. Louis Rams:  Torry Holt, WR, NC State

7th pick- Washington Redskins:  Champ Baily, CB, Georgia

8th pick- Arizona Cardinals:  David Boston, WR, Ohio State

9th pick- Detroit Lions:  Chris Claiborne, LB, USC

10th pick- Baltimore Ravens:  Chris McCallister, DB, Arizona

11th pick- Minnesota Vikings:  Daunte Culpepper, QB, UCF

12th pick- Chicao Bears:  Cade McNown, QB, UCLA  (Oops)

13th pick- Pittsburgh Steelers:  Troy Edwards, WR, Louisiana Tech

14th pick- Kansas City Chiefs:  John Tait, OT, BYU

15th pick- Tampa Bay Bucs:  Anthony McFarland, DT, LSU

16th pick- Tennessee Titans, Javon Kearse, DE, Florida

17th pick- New England Patriots:  Damien Woody, Center, Boston College

18th pick- Oakland Raiders:  Matt Stinchcomb, OT, Georgia

19th pick- New York Giants: Luke Petitgout, OT, Notre Dame

20th pick- Dallas Cowboys: Ebenezer Ekuban, DE, North Carolina

21st pick- Arizona Cardinals:  L.J. Shelton, OT, Eastern Michigan

22nd pick-  Seattle Seahawks:  Lamar King, DE, Saginaw Valley State

23rd pick- Buffalo Bills:  Antoine Winfield, DB, Ohio State

24th pick- San Fancisco 49ers:  Reggie McGrew, DT, Florida

25th pick- Green Bay Packers:  Antuan Edwards, DB, Clemson

26th pick- Jacksonville Jaguars:  Fernando Bryant, DB, Alabama

27th pick- Detroit Lions:  Aaron Gibson, OT, Wisconsin

28th pick-  New England Patriots:  Andy Katzenmoyer, LB, Ohio State

29th pick- Minnesota Vikings:  Dimitrius Underwood, DE, Michigan State

30th pick-  Atlanta Falcons:  Patrick Kerney, DE, Virginia

31st pick- Denver Broncos:  Al Wilson, LB, Tennessee

Other notable picks:

2nd Round-

Panthers:  Mike Rucker

Rams:  Dre Bly

Patriots:  Kevin Faulk

Bears:  Russell Davis

Bucs:  Shaun King 

Bills:  Peerless price

3rd Round:

Bears:  D'Wayne Bates

Steelers:  Joey Porter

Bears:  Marty Booker

Bucs:  Martin Gramatica

4th Round:

Bears:  Warrick Holdman

Bears:  Rosevelt Colvin

Broncos:  Olandis Gary

Packers:  Aaron Brooks

5th Round:

Bears:  Jerry Wisne

Bears:  Khari Samuel

Bears:  Jerry Azumah

6th Round:

Broncos:  Desmond Clark

Bears:  Rashard Cook

7th Round:

Packers:  Donald Driver

Bears:  Sulecio Sanford

Bears:  Jim Finn


Colts:  Jeff Saturday