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The Bears Den - Nicks, Cutler and Orton


In the Den 

John Shoop compares Hakeem Nicks to Muhsin Muhammad. Seriously. I
can't make this stuff up. In other news, I no longer endorse Hakeem

Vaughn McClure discusses what we should do about the line now that JSC left.

So does Brad Biggs.

Dan Pompei explains why the Bears haven't been FA players.

Somebody agrees with Jerry Angelo.

Do the Bears have a shot of either of the 1st round QBs, if they wanted them?

The Bears sent the big dog of our scouting department yesterday to see Hakeem Nicks workout.

The Bears invited safeties Glenn Earl and Curome Cox and linebacker Tim McGarigle to participate in mini-camp.  In other news, the Bears still don't have any safeties.

Kevin Seifert does more rambling on what the Bears did and didn't do.

David Haugh wonders if Kyle Orton has blinders on.  Good thing he does otherwise we might have a situation like Denver has and we don't want that type of player...wait,what?

In the Vicinity of the Den 


Nowhere Near the Den 

I'll leave this one to you to make any needed comments.

Hate to be the guy behind this one on a sunny day.