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The Bears Den - 3/19/09




From now on, when you see "CF" before a link teaser, that's ChiFan's preview. Blast him, not me :)

In the Den

CF: The Bears have their eye on a receiver. Good things. Maybe we can find a receiver that can keep his eyes on the ball, hmm?

CF: David Haugh understands the importance of Chris Williams. Do the Bears understand the importance of a solid OL?

CF: This one just baffles me. The story is about why Earl Bennett didn't see the field, and he says it's because he didn't understand the playbook. Didn't he go to Vanderbilt? Come on meow....

Apparent savior Rod Marinelli says he sees similarites between Mark Anderson and Simeon Rice.

In the Vicinity of the Den 

The NFL has decided not to change the OT rules.

Team by team draft needs.


Nowhere Near the Den 

The Lions finally got something right, don't let anybody talk.

or eat at McDonalds...ever?