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NightLink: Don't Forget About Craig Steltz


There are a lot of holes in the Chicago Bears starting lineup... probably more than can be filled in one draft.  But let's take a moment to redirect our attention away from free agency, Jerry Angelo, and the upcoming draft.

Our free safety and strong safety positions are both question marks, with the departure of Mike Brown obviously leaving a bigger need at FS.  The only addition to the secondary this offseason is Josh Bullocks, and many of you have expressed your discontent about that.  But then there is Craig Steltz, drafted in the 4th round of the 2008 draft.

The Bears have said that Steltz might start at FS next season, a move that I don't altogether endorse... Steltz is a true SS.  But the point of this article is to give my opinion on him.  I saw Craig Steltz play live while at LSU, and the guy is a natural playmaker.  He has a big motor, and an great nose for the ball.  Steltz is incredibly intelligent, and is known to be a main-stay in the film room.  His coaches have described him as a leader on and off the field, and is very coachable.

Steltz was inactive the first 5 games last year, his rookie season.  But, he appeared in the last 11 games, grabbing the attention of Bears coaching staff with his improvement over the last half of the season.  And I'm sure you all remember the game where he made the interception that preserved the Bears win over the Lions (pictured above).

Regardless of what the Bears do with Bowman, Manning, Hamilton, Bullocks, or Steltz, I firmly expect to see Steltz in the starting lineup of the Chicago Bears for many years to come.  He will be a great asset to our organization, and I hope that you haven't written him off just yet.