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Put Up or Shut Up: Time to Predict the Stats of the 2009 Bears



Are you a gambler?  Think you have it all figured out?  Been making crazy statements about next season, and not been able to back it up?  It's easy to pick apart what other members are saying... but are you willing to stick your neck out and make a declaration?

If you answered "yes" (or, "yay!") to any of those questions, then this is the place for you.  Let your opinion be heard now... How many yards/ TD's will Orton have next season?  What about Forte... think he can end up with 2,000 total yards?  What about Urlacher... can he average 10 tackles a game?

Any stat that can be tracked, take your shot:  TDs, FGs, safeties, sacks, pass deflections, penalties... nothing is off-limits here.  Simply name the player, and make the prediction.

I'll go first:

Forte/Jones will end up with 2,500 total yards between them.

Orton will get sacked 15 times.

Chris Williams will start 16 games (and more if we make the playoffs)

Craig Steltz will have 8 INTs.

Mark Anderson will register 14 sacks.

Earl Bennet will have three 100 yard games.  

scespy12 will be keeping up with your predictions, and will hold you accountable as we work through the season.  No excuses, no blaming, and no changing your minds.  Sound easy enough?  Then get to work...