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NightLink: Offense vs. Defense

"Jerry Angelo is our GM" - Lovie Smith

God save me, that quote never gets old.

Anyways, onto more pressing matters. We seem to be in full-swing prediction mode in these parts, so let's add another one in the mix:

Which group (offense or defense) will see the biggest jump in rankings after this next season?

Speaking of jumps, follow me....

The following rankings are from ESPN.


Overall: 26th

Passing: 21st

Rushing: 24th

Receiving: 25th


Overall: 21st

Passing: 30th

Rushing: 5th

Personally, I think it's a tough call. If we pick a WR with our first selection, I think the offense will mostly likely jump higher than our D. Frankly, our D couldn't cover a 3-year old last season, and we've only gotten worse with the Bullocks signing.

Do you see our defensive ranking jump back up due to the addition of Marinelli? Or, are you of the opinion that our offensive ranking will soar on the wings of Kyle Orton's neckbeard? Who ya got?