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The Bears Den - 3/23/09



In the Den 

CF: Dan Pompei breaks down some of the Wonderlic scores. Some of the numbers will surprise you, so check it out.

CF: In this next installment of beating a horse to death, a former GM, scout, opposing player, and analyst break down Cutler's skills.

CF: You wanna know how desperate the Bears are? The Trib is reporting on the backup QB battle.

CF: Mike Mulligan on why it was smart to not be players in FA.

CF: Bob LeGere discusses Rod Marinelli's passion for football, even after the 0-16 Lions season.

Ron Jaworski thinks Devin Hester has taken huge steps in his development as a wide receiver.

In the Vicinity of the Den 

Three Bears are headed to Nigeria to run football camps and hand out scholarships.


Nowhere Near the Den 

I haven't found a reliable link yet, but it is being reported that the Lions have settled on Jason Smith as the #1 pick in this years draft and they are busy working on a contract.

The NY Jets have officially thrown their name in for the Jay Cutler sweepstakes