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WCG Mock Draft - The Detroit Lions Select...


Matthew Stafford
6-2, 228lbs.
ANALYSIS: Matthew Stafford is the best QB prospect coming out this year. He’s got good tangibles; good size (6’2 228 lbs), very strong arm, and he has good mobility. He’s not the most accurate passer but can make most throws because of his tremendous arm strength. I don’t think this should be the pick but I think it will be the pick. I think there is more value in one of the top OT prospects (Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe) and using the #20 pick on possibly Sanchez (who the Lions are said to really like as well) or even Freeman (whose upside is enormous). It’s basically been a 3-horse race between Stafford, Smith, and Monroe for the 1st pick. That being said, word on the web is that the Lions are already in contract negotiations with Stafford and that’s a good indicator that Stafford will be the pick. With a rookie HC in Jim Scwhartz, I guess the Lions feel like they need a new face of the franchise to promote going into a different direction with the team. I think this pick says they aren’t very thrilled about last years 2nd round pick Drew Stanton. All in all, it’s a very tough decision drafting with the 1st overall pick. The amount of money, time, and expectations surrounding that pick are enormous and missing on the pick can really set a team back a couple years. Look for Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe to possibly be the pick but for now, my money is on Matthew Stafford.

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1 Matthew Stafford McRipper Details