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Do You Care About The Wonderlic Test?



It is a function of the draft process to take into consideration the Wonderlic Test which is designed to judge a player's intelligence in some form.

I'm really wondering if you care at all what a player scores on the Wonderlic Test.  It seems fair to think that a QB should have a high score.  If you look at the scores of many great or recent QBs we see that there could be a tie in.

Steve Young - 33
Drew Brees - 28
Tom Brady - 33
Eli Manning - 39
John Elway - 30
Brett Favre - 22

Of course there is always the Dan Marino at 16 to disprove the necessity.

The general thinking I have heard is coaches care less about the scores for defensive players as they want them to be more instinctive versus thinking about every play.

The Bears first round target could be a wide receiver. This year's first round bunch didn't fair so well. The Wonderlic determines that a score of 10 means the player is literate.

Jeremy Maclin - 25
Micheal Crabtree - 15
Darrius Heyward-Bey - 14
Percy Harvin - 12
Hakeem Nicks - 11

The NFL deems that for a receiver that 18 is a suitable number for a receiver. Would Maclin's score be enough to get you to consider him before Crabtree? I know many on this site like Nicks, would you pass over him because of his score? Do you care about a player's score and, if so, which positions other than QB would you alter a player's draft board position based on a low or high score?