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WCG Mock Draft - The St. Louis Rams Select...


Jason Smith, Baylor
ANALYSIS: This is a conventional and boring pick, I know.  And it may change by draft time.  Just as there is a lot of talk about the Lions going for Smith at #1, there is a lot of support around the Rams for Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest.  It's easy to see why; the defense was terrible last year, and draft experts often tab Curry as the best player in this draft.  Still, picking Curry would go against most conventional wisdom both in and outside St. Louis, which says the Rams will go for the best lineman available.  And there's good reason to think that.  The Rams were known to be very interested in Jake Long last year, and the need for a good LT is even greater now that the Rams let go longtime stalwart Orlando Pace (not that he was his old self anymore, but still).  Plus, for some fans Pace's arrival was the start of good things in St. Louis, and now that he's gone they want that position brought back to glory so that the Rams will feel like the Rams again (in sort of the way some Bears fans had issue with the team in the period after Singletary's departure and before Urlacher's arrival).   And an OT is usually thought of as a safer pick than many other positions.  So, given that there is a big need and desire for an OT, and that there is someone who fits that profile, I think the Rams will go with Smith.  Jason Smith is considered a top notch left tackle and very good in pass protection.  There are no character question marks, he's a good leader, and he should be a good piece on any team.  Now, there are rumors going around that the Lions are negotiating with Smith to be the number one pick, and if that happens, you could well see Curry here (or Eugene Monroe, the second best tackle).  But the way things are now, you should expect Jason Smith to be a Ram on draft day.

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