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WCG Mock Draft - The Kansas City Chiefs Select...


Eugene Monroe
University of Virginia
Offensive Tackle
ANALYSIS: My pick would anger the good folks at Arrowhead Pride who are all hot and bothered about Aaron Curry, but winning starts on the O-Line, and Monroe is the kind of player that you plug in for the next 10 years and forget about. Three out of four at Arrowhead Pride want Curry over Monroe.

The Chiefs have many needs. They desperately need help on the O-line and they also need a pressure linebacker, so this was a really tough choice.

What tipped me towards Monroe is the fairly high possibility that disgruntled ProBowl guard Brian Waters will not be back with the Chiefs this year. Waters was one of the key guys blowing holes for Larry Johnson and Priest Holmes for the Chiefs, and he wants out. The situation with him, already bad, appears to be deteriorating rapidly.

I chose Monroe because the line is in desperate need of help, even if Waters stays (which I doubt).

If the Bears are looking for a guard, they could do a lot worse than acquiring Brian Waters.

Pick Player Drafter Analysis
1 Matthew Stafford McRipper Details
2 Jason Smith TCBullFrog Details
2 Eugene Monroe sabbath999 Details