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NightLink: Woody Paige on Jay Cutler


I know many of you are big Woddy Paige fans, so I thought I'd post his ideas on the Jay Cutler epic soap opera.

Yes, he's our quarterback," Josh McDaniels said Monday.

McKid Coach, will Jay-C be Denver's QB on April 25, the first day of the NFL draft? On July 24, the opening of Broncos training camp? On Sept. 13, the first Sunday afternoon game of the Broncos' 2009 regular season?

"He's our quarterback," McDaniels said in a (league- mandated) interview with the NFL Network on Monday at the owners meetings. "We can't predict the future. He's our quarterback. We want him to be our quarterback."

So, it should be clear to everybody that Jay's "Our Quarterback."

What if the Kansas City Chiefs text message McDaniels this afternoon and offer Matt Cassel straight up for Cutler? What if the New York Jets beg for Cutler in exchange for the Nos. 17 and 52 picks in the draft? What if the Chicago Bears propose swapping the No. 18 selection and Kyle Orton to Denver?

He may not be "Our Quarterback" anymore.

It is hard to imagine the Broncos actually dealing away Jay Cutler. For one, they would need a Pro Bowl caliber QB to replace him. And honestly, I don't think that even with a 1st round QB pick they would be able to find that this year. And certainly, Chris Simms isn't that guy (although, I would have loved to see Simms in a Bears uniform).

But, it is also hard to imagine Cutler suiting up in a Broncos jersey next season. It really seems that emo boy has had his feelings hurt pretty badly... and either the Broncs pony up some serious cash to make him feel better about Cassell's contract, or Cutler may consider holding out (although, Cutler has said he'd be at all required meetings and work-outs).

So, in this season's tug-of-war between a prima donna player and hard-nosed coach, who is going to win? Who will give in first?

Side note: I voted "other"... Washington Redskins