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WCG Mock Draft - The Seattle Seahawks Select...


Michael Crabtree
Texas Tech
Wide Receiver
ANALYSIS:  This is a tough pick. GeauxBears and I collaborated on this pick, and we struggled with who to pick. Seattle's defense last year was atrocious, finishing 18th in run defense and 30th in overall defense, so if the draft does play out like we have it, Curry might be the pick.


So why pick Crabtree? T.J. Houshmandzadeh, their big FA pickup, is turning 32 in September. Their wide receiver corps minus Housh is pretty bad. However, with Housh, Crabtree, and 2nd-year TE John Carlson, Seattle would have a potent passing offense that could maybe offset their terrible defense.

Yes, there are some question marks surrounding Crabtree. We don't know what he runs in the 40 yard dash. And, he magically showed up an inch and a half shorter at the combine. However, I've seen the kid play live before against Mizzou and he's a great player. His play through college has been superb, and I believe those skills will translate to the next level.

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