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The Bears Den - 3/26/09




In the Den 

More on Lovie Smith taking over the defense.

CF: Excited about the Bears - Packers squaring off in Week 1? Mr.
Negativity's not

CF: Kevin Shaffer Q&A on joining the Bears.

The Bears have shown interest in Texas defensive end Henry Melton.

The Bears are expected to bring in wide receiver Brian Robiskie for a private workout.

I used to defend Mel Kiper when people knocked on him, but he is so late to the party nowadays I just can't do it any longer.

In the Vicinity of the Den 



Nowhere Near the Den 

NFL Commish wants a 17 game regular season.

Interested in seeing how our mock draft is doing compared to the SBN blogger draft?

The way playoff teams are slotted in the draft will be changed.

Quick run down on all 6 rule changes.