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WCG Mock Draft - The Oakland Raiders Select...


Jeremy Maclin
Wide Receiver

ANALYSIS:   With the Raiders having signed Khalif Barnes in free agency their o line is in pretty good shape, so it's a toss up between D line and wide reciever. The Raiders don't have much at reciever and if Jamarcus Russell is going to continue to develope at quarter back they are going to need to get him a target. I don't think Al can pass on Maclin with his speed and ability to change direction. He could also have potential on kick returns. These talents will make him an instant success on offense and special teams in his first year.

Pick Player Drafter Analysis
1 Matthew Stafford McRipper Details
2 Jason Smith TCBullFrog Details
3 Eugene Monroe sabbath999 Details
4 Michael Crabtree ChiFan13, GeauxBears Details
5 Aaron Curry junkhorse Details
6 Michael Oher GeauxBears Details
7 Jeremy Maclin luckie815 Details

WCG Note: We are 6 picks in and have had to replace two picks already. Take a look at the draft order. If you are coming up, make sure you are keeping an eye on.