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WCG Mock Draft - The Jacksonville Jaguars Select...


B.J.  Raji
Boston College
Defensive  Tackle

ANALYSIS:   Jacksonville needs a WR... badly (just as badly as the Bears do), with Matt Jones getting into more off-field trouble with drugs, and Reggie Williams not returning as a FA (and also got busted for marijuana on the eve of free agency... dummy). However, they've already struck out with 1st round WRs 3 times this decade with R. Jay Soward (2000), Reggie Williams (2004), and Matt Jones (2005). Do they spin the wheel again? Plus, the latest rumors are that Torry Holt is visiting with the Jaguars. So, I'm going to pass on WRs with this pick and target other areas of need: O-line and DT.  

Last year, the Jaguars O-line got decimated with injuries, and they lost starting LT Khalif Barnes to free agency. But, they signed LT Tra Thomas as a stop gap. With Jason Smith, Eugene Monroe, and Michael Oher already off the board in this draft, the only other tackle that may be taken this high is a very risky pick: Andre Smith. So, I pass on Smith, and move on to DT... where the Jaguars still need to replace Marcus Stroud, after trading the 3 time Pro Bowler to the Bills last off-season for a 3rd and a 5th round pick (a steal for the Bills). The duo of Stroud and John Henderson, both mammoth DTs, made the Jaguars a very tough defense. So, with the top DT in the draft still available, I select 334lb, B.J. Raji from Boston College.
Pick Player Drafter Analysis
1 Matthew Stafford McRipper Details
2 Jason Smith TCBullFrog Details
3 Eugene Monroe sabbath999 Details
4 Michael Crabtree ChiFan13, GeauxBears Details
5 Aaron Curry junkhorse Details
6 Michael Oher GeauxBears Details
7 Jeremy Maclin luckie815 Details
8 B.J. Raji Sackman Details


On the Clock: Green Bay Packers (wennington4)

WCG Note: We are 8 picks in and have had to replace two picks already. Take a look at the draft order. If you are coming up, make sure you are keeping an eye on.