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TO: Worth the risk?

Steve Rosenbloom certainly thinks so:

Bears general manager Jerry Angelo has said that character matters. And then he drafted a player with a rap sheet. Truth is fluid at Halas Hall, more fluid than their wideouts, frankly.

And another thing: Owens also would represent the neediest problem child that coach Lovie Smith would enable. Tank Johnson, selected as Miss December in Guns&Ammo, is unarmed compared to the poison Owens would spread here the way he has everywhere else.

So, if you’re the Bears and can make the money work over two years, don’t you have to do it? The Bears coach said the team is “close.’’ Close to what, who knows. We assume a Super Bowl, but whatever the goal, Owens’ talent would make this team better until he passes the two-season sell-by date.

The title of the article is "Terrell Owens is the worst teammate you can imagine -- and better than any Bears receiver." Honestly, where do I sign up for this journalism bit? I can come up with more creative titles than that. But I digress.

First, the article is automatically invalidated because Jerry has to make a move for a high-profile free agent.

However, if we do take a trip to NeverLand (which we've all been doing since FA began), would Owens really help out that much? He comes with a laundry list of character issues, and I'm not sure if he'd be worth the money. I have to say, it would be comical to watch him cry and say "That's my quarterback" at the end of the season.

What do you think? Is he worth the trouble?