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Moving on... Because Some Things Just Are What They Are


We have all been discussing, at great length, what we are not doing in Free Agency.  And exhausting the topic of our opinions of Jerry Angelo, Lovie Smith, and other staff members.

Unfortunately, we have our staff for the 2009 season... and unfortunately, we have probably done all we will do in Free Agency.

Let's focus our attention now on the upcoming draft.  It is pretty clear that we have needs, big needs, at the FS, WR, and OL positions.  You could probably throw in QB and RB into that category as well.  And even if we do address any of these needs in free agency, chances are slim that we bring in a true #1 for any of these positions.

Suddenly, our only resource for these positions is the draft.  There are certainly some players that we could draft that would become immediate starters for the Chicago Bears.  The trick will be utilizing our picks wisely.

My opinion is that we go OL in the 1st round, WR in the 2nd, and FS and either QB, MLB, or CB in the 3rd.

What do you think are our biggest needs to address in the draft, and how should we use our picks?